De l’autre coté de la vitre

gets its roots in my desire to reproduce the daily journey I used to run between my hometown, Villemomble and Paris. Those landscapes at the same time desert, urban and open offer a different view on the suburb of Paris. After traveling around the world, this landscape, equally familiar and nowadays foreign, still provokes a peculiar fascination within me. Those landscape became for me the most intense I could have come across with. Taking the train has always been for me the beginning of traveling, literally my first trips. Walking along the railway track, I wanted to show a beauty that isn’t associated to the North-East suburb of Paris.

This isn’t a documentary on the suburb of Paris. I wish to give a personal testimony on the suburb I grew up in, on the place I chose to leave but still feel paradoxically a certain nostalgia for, without embellishing my memories but to depict its urban beauty. This project helped me to rediscover and to appreciate a landscape in its own value: the one I saw everyday through the window , the one that was part of my daily life.Finally, this train journey defined my youth, shaped my eye and character . For this project I chose the camera I learned photography and traveled the world with, to face the landscape that I know best.


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