I was born and raised in Villemomble, Suburb of Paris, France in 1977. Since 2013 I am based in Barcelona.

My photography is specialized in the use of ambient light and dedicated to social documentation, recording and realizing fresh aspects of nature and culture in both landscape and portraits.

I had worked as a professional photographer and graphic’s artist since graduated in 1998 from the London College of Printing.

Between 1998 and 2009 I focused specifically on photographic’s projects abroad where I sought to portray the joy of human existence within the most meagre of surroundings. ‘Meeting Zambia’ and ‘This is Maroc’ are prime examples of that period.

Following exploration in on-the-road freestyle photography I began to focus the lens closer to home, London. ‘In My Room’ is a personal diary of my friends most intimate environments within in a mile from Brixton, South London.

A similarly continuous photographic document ‘Eviction’ and ‘Clifton Mansion’ expresse the social condition of the same urban community connecting identities with solid urbanity.

Between foreign assignments I am now based in Barcelona and continue to share my work with a multitude of photographic associations. Having undertaken a number of commissions to display my work at a multitude of international exhibitions and festivals.

Yann Sivault


+34 640 096 938