South London’s squats

Since July 2012 the law about squatting changed in England to become outlawed. I wanted to carry on the project I started on Clifton Mansion and spread it on different communities I knew in South London.

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Clifton Mansion Eviction

Clifton Mansion has been a community of squatters in the heart of Brixton since more than one can remember. The 22 flats welcomed, through the last decades, a lot of different artists, travellers and character of what Brixton is made of…. On the 12th of July 2011, Clifton Mansion was to be evicted. I lived there for a year so It felt quite personal and I had to do something about it, In my own way. I wanted to collect memories people had of the place, squatting in general and also the feeling towards Brixton as a fast developing area. On The week-end of the 25th of June I interviewed and took photos of my friends and other people I knew. In total 9 out of 22 different flats took part in the project  These series of photographs are set to highlight the cultural and social diversity of this squatting community. This project is an homage to Clifton Mansion and It’s inhabitants.


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In my Room London

For me, without a doubt, what makes the south of London so particular is its people, more precisely the people I know and with whom I have shared my life since I moved to Brixton. Post Code, In my Room” is a series of portraits homage of those friends living in South London, who I met through art projects, Brixton music scene or in specials places like “Clifton Mansion” or “SouthSide”
I felt I needed to give some geographical limit to the project, so I decided to take all the photos within a 20 minutes bicycle ride from Tulse Hill. My journeys took me through Streatham, Mitcham, Tulse Hill, Herne Hill, Brixton and Stockwell. I wanted to take the portraits of my friends in their home environment, where they felt the most comfortable. Using this method allowed m to capture parts of their life through personal objects and activities or daily routine.
These years of relationship gave me the opportunity to approach my friend’s intimacy and freeze a moment in their life. I wasn’t directing the shoot, but rather acting as a mirror, chatting with them and waiting for the right moment to press the shutter.


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